Great Colleagues

If it’s not possible for me to support you with your project right now, please feel free to contact one of the colleagues listed below. They are experts in the assigned fields of work and I recommend them without any restrictions.

Monika Aichele – Illustration, Cover, Editorial

Michael Becker – Art Direction, Photography

Jenny Brosinski – Art

Martin Burger – Creative Direction, Concept

Frank Cmuchal – Illustration, Storyboard, Comic, Grafitti

Tobias Dahmen – Illustration, Comic

Eric Desideriu – Art Direction, Illustration, Characterdesign, Concept Art

Christian Effenberger – Illustration, Storyboard, Comic, Animation

Alexander Fischerkoesen – Cinematography

Jürgen Gawron – Illustration, Editorial, Storyboard

Thomas Grummt – 3D Animation

Dietrich Hasse – 3D Animation, VFX

Rees Jeannotte – Illustration, Storyboard, Comic

Thomas Jussenhoven-Holz – Illustration, Storyboard, Characterdesign, Comic

Nicole Klöters – Graphic Design

Malte Knaack – Illustration, Editorial, Comic

Alexander Krause  – Direction

Sanne Kurz – Cinematography

Alexander Lozano – Illustration, Characterdesign, Comic

Masters of Light – Organic Visuals

Melanie Korte – Illustration, Cover, Comic

Peter Oedekoven – Illustration, Characterdesign, Concept Art

Uli Oesterle – Illustration, Editorial, Comic

Laila Petersen-Jama – Illustration, Storyboard, Characterdesign

Peter Popken – Illustration, Storyboard, Concept Art

Jan Reiser – Illustration, Editorial, Comic

Bernd Richter – Illustration, Concept Art, Characterdesign, 3D Modelling

Tarek Samaan – 3D Modelling

Benjamin Scabell – Compositing

schönereWelt! – Graphic Design, Visuals

Jan Philipp Schwarz – Illustration, Concept Art, Matte Painting

Tobias Schwarz – Illustration, Storyboard, Animation

SFA – Animation, Visuals

Dominik Skrabal – Concept, Art Direction

Jan Stoltz – 3D Animation, VFX

Sonny Thet – Cellist

Matthias Töpfer – Illustration, Photo realistic, Layout

Jenny von der Osten – Illustration, Character Design

Benjamin von Eckartsberg – Illustration, Concept Art, Scenario

Thomas von Kummant – Illustration, Concept Art, Comic

Michaela Wagner – Illustration, Characterdesign, Children’s book

Tim Weiffenbach – Illustration, Editorial, Characterdesign

Stefan Wirkus – Illustration, Comic, Speed Scetching