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Soccer Kids 2014

Next thursday the Soccer World Cup 2014 starts in Brazil. Originally I planned to create one character as part of the “Soccer Kids Team” for every single participating nation already weeks ago (which would have been 32 illustrations all in all) and sell them to the highest bidder… ūüėČ

Because of my time consuming supervising job I do for Caligari right now, I actually managed to draw only the little deer below, representing Germany. But maybe I can do some more during the championship, which lasts a month after all. Let’s see how far I can get.

Soccer Kids

The wild fields and the warrior goes Copacabana

Now it’s official: The wild fields and the warrior will be screened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) within the festival Sem Tabu – 4¬į Festival Internacional de Anima√ß√£o e Educa√ß√£o Sexual (formerly known as FIAE – Festival internacional de Anima√ß√£o Er√≥tica, I posted about the invitation earlier).

The festival is taking place from November 10-12 in the Oi Futuro Ipanema Theater. If somebody happens to be there, take the time to have a look.

The wild fields and the warrior


The wild fields in Finland

The wild fields and the warrior will be shown at the Blue Sea Film Festival in Rauma (Finland) which¬†is going to¬†be held from August 21-23, 2009. Let’s see if I can make it and get one of the Baltic Herrings, the awards of the short film competition.

Edit 04.07.: And just today I received an invitation from the¬†FIAE 09 – 4¬į Festival internacional de Anima√ß√£o Er√≥tica to screen “The wild fields” there in Rio de Janeiro and¬†S√£o Paulo (Brazil) on November. I should post festival news¬†here¬†more often, seems to double the effect… ūüėČ

short film

The warrior with the flower fields