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Concept designs for Tales of Vendetta

As I mentioned earlier, I was working for MegaZebra last year.

Another facebook game they’re actually working on is Tales of Vendetta. There is a Beta version online, which is already fun to play and definitely worth a look. I did most of the concept designs, especially for the buildings, environment props and the characters. As you can see below, I also created the logo and some of the icons for the UI. Furthermore, there are a few story screens I concepted.

Of course you all know, the first publication of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales had it`s 200 th anniversary in 2012. That made the work for ToV a bit special. Above all, designing some of the famous figures was a lot of fun. Not least because my task was to exaggerate the characters: the guys a bit more tougher, the girls a bit more sexy…

Responsible for the final art were two artists, I want to mention here:

Tarek Samaan did a brilliant job on the 3D realisation of my concept designs. Check out his blog, were he has posted 3D versions of some of the characters.

And Anja Rabenstein made the clean ups and coloration of most of the 2D stuff and the UI used in the game.

Thanks for your support.

Concept Designs

Ice Queen, playing card soldiers, rat, Pied Piper, phoenix, troll


Concept Designs

dwarfs, White Queen, Merlin, King Thrushbeard


Concept Designs

airport, academy


Concept Designs

tea pot, toy blocks, books, pond, cave


Concept Designs

icons, ToV logo