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Wandaufkleber zum Dritten

Wandaufkleber zur Geburt: In meinem Bekanntenkreis gibt’s grad einen Babyboom. Die individuellsten Geschenke bekommen die Kleinen von mir… ­čśÇ


Teasing the cat…

The creation of “Die wilden Felder und der Krieger” – Part 4

Secondary characters

All figures you can see below are actually not mentioned in the original story. I added them to clarify specific parts of the plot.


The dormouse is living in an old stump on the wild fields. It’s interacting with the warrior as a part of nature in the animated sequences of the movie, where I don’t show the fields.



The warrior is building a scarecrow of his armor. This should show the point when he gets really deep into nature and detach himself from former behaviours.



scarecrow turnaround



I choosed the crows to be a recurring symbol for nature and also used them once for changing the narrative level from the animated sequence to one of the cross-fading parts in which the fields appear.



The butterflies are also used for changing the narrative level and leading us to the flowerfields. Those are surrounded by butterflies to bear out their magical and extraordinary beauty.