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The creation of “Die wilden Felder und der Krieger” – Part 2

The warrior

The fact Moon Suk, the authoress of The wild fields and the warrior, originates from Korea automatically built an asiatic setting in my mind for the whole plot. For that reason I got inspired by some samurai images. I found them at that time while researching for the design of the warrior. Of course I know the samurai’s origin is in Japan, not Korea. But I didn’t want to create a scenery with a specific historical background anyway. So I felt free to explore all kinds of asian tradition and inspiration.


Research and Design

As you can see below, the warrior took a completely different direction in his development comparing to the character design of the fields. The more they developed separately, the better it worked for the story. Because the warrior had to symbolize the real world it was obvious to draw him more concrete than the apparitional fields and give him an outline which defines exactly the warriors shape.

During the process of designing the characters I also thought about totally abstract ways of telling the story. For example, I came up with the idea to let some industrial machines do the acting (the warrior would have been a tank who changes into a combine harvester) and many other stuff, but at the end all this seemed to be a little bit too strange and far-fetched to me.

Finally I am quite happy with the result of the warrior’s character design. At least he is the main character of the film. I wanted him to be a physically strong person, but also a bit instable, maybe naive.


These are a few different phases of the warriors development process.



The warrior has got a really wide chest. He looks a bit like a rooster to me in the side view…



Some final impressions of the warrior.

The wild fields and the warrior goes Copacabana

Now it’s official: The wild fields and the warrior will be screened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) within the festival Sem Tabu – 4° Festival Internacional de Animação e Educação Sexual (formerly known as FIAE – Festival internacional de Animação Erótica, I posted about the invitation earlier).

The festival is taking place from November 10-12 in the Oi Futuro Ipanema Theater. If somebody happens to be there, take the time to have a look.

The wild fields and the warrior


Wild fields at Tindirindis 2009

.Wild Fields

The wild fields and the warrior is going to be shown at the 7th International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis 2009 which takes place in Vilnius (Lithuania) from October 19-25.

My shortmovie will be screened on sunday, 25th, as part of the special programme “Legends and Affairs”.

The wild fields in Finland

The wild fields and the warrior will be shown at the Blue Sea Film Festival in Rauma (Finland) which is going to be held from August 21-23, 2009. Let’s see if I can make it and get one of the Baltic Herrings, the awards of the short film competition.

Edit 04.07.: And just today I received an invitation from the FIAE 09 – 4° Festival internacional de Animação Erótica to screen “The wild fields” there in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil) on November. I should post festival news here more often, seems to double the effect… 😉

short film

The warrior with the flower fields

Die wilden Felder auf dem Naoussa Short Film Festival

Mein Zeichentrickkurzfilm wird auf dem diesjährigen Internationalen Kurz- und Videofilm Festival in Naoussa (Griechenland), das vom 07. bis 10. Mai 2009 stattfindet, gezeigt. Der Vorführtermin ist am Freitag, den 08.05., um 19 Uhr im Screening Room 3.

Edit 20.04. 2009: Vergangenen Donnerstag, am 16. April, fand in Termoli (Italien) das letzte Screening der Vorauswahl zum Kimera Film Festival 2009 statt. Die wilden Felder und der Krieger wurde in der Kategorie “Animation” unter die sechs besten Filme gewählt (Ergebnisse des Vorentscheids) und sind somit für den Finaldurchlauf qualifiziert (Finalisten Animation). Wann dieser sein wird steht noch nicht fest.

Die wilden Felder

Screenshot aus “Die wilden Felder und der Krieger”