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The creation of “Die wilden Felder und der Krieger” – Part 1


Because the fields are interacting with the warrior, I had to come up with characters that represent the respective field. Firstly I thought about the creation of some real women character living on the fields. But soon I felt that the charm the story has to convey would suffer through this concrete execution.

So I went more and more abstract. At last those mystic and spectral but also magical and beautiful beings occur in my mind. Finally I used a collage technique to bring them on paper which would make it difficult to animate the figures frame by frame. Thus I decided to get some motion in it by crossfading the most important keyframes and do the creation of most of the animation later in the compositing.


The wild fields


Development of the main character: the wild fields. At some point it was a consistant decision to show all the fields naked for bringing out their natural being.



Final version of the wild fields.


The flowerfields


The flowerfields had to be glamorous and beautiful. I decided to add some butterflies that should always flutter around her.



Final look of the flowerfield.


The other fields



The vegetablefields are my personal favorite. To symbolize fertility of nature I decided they have to be pregnant.



I like the colours of the vegetabelfields and especially the pumpkins and melons.




The potatoefields were the most difficult. They should look like potatoes somehow but have a sexy appearance anyway.



At last I got the gracious and buxom potatoefields.




The cornfields weren’t easy, too. Because of their pretty angular shape they seemed not very attractive to me. So I was glad about the idea for the crown of corn, which makes them looking a little bit like a showgirl.



Final version of the cornfields.

Making of “Die wilden Felder und der Krieger”

Finally I am about to put my short film from 2008 Die wilden Felder und der Krieger (The wild fields and the warrior) on my vimeo account.

Currently I’m rendering some different sizes of two versions (the original in german and a second one with english subtitles), which will take a while. To reduce the time of waiting I’ll post some facts and informations about the development and the making of the movie, over the next few days..

Making of

Patrik and Jens working at The Wild Fields in my little studio in Leipzig (2007)

First screening in Germany

On sunday, December 13th, The wild fields and the warrior will be shown at the 8th La.Meko Fimfestival in Landau/Pfalz, Germany.

After more than one year that the movie is done now, this will be the premiere in Germany (instead of a little release party in my studio here in munich last year). I’m quite happy about that because it brings back my belief in the liking of good films of the german people 😀


Animation short “The wild fields” Bolzano

Yesterday the Bolzano ShortFilmFestival started in South Tyrol, Italy. My animation short film The wild fields and the warrior participates in the German-speaking programm “Die kurze Welle” in section I.

I will go there on saturday with Benjamin Scabell, the guy who made some visual effects for The wild fields. I’m very excited, because I never was in Italy before and of course I’m looking forward to look at the audience while watching my movie.

animation short.

The wild fields and the warrior goes Copacabana

Now it’s official: The wild fields and the warrior will be screened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) within the festival Sem Tabu – 4° Festival Internacional de Animação e Educação Sexual (formerly known as FIAE – Festival internacional de Animação Erótica, I posted about the invitation earlier).

The festival is taking place from November 10-12 in the Oi Futuro Ipanema Theater. If somebody happens to be there, take the time to have a look.

The wild fields and the warrior


Wild fields at Tindirindis 2009

.Wild Fields

The wild fields and the warrior is going to be shown at the 7th International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis 2009 which takes place in Vilnius (Lithuania) from October 19-25.

My shortmovie will be screened on sunday, 25th, as part of the special programme “Legends and Affairs”.