Birthday Comic Strip „Wax in the City“


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wax in the City two great colleagues of mine, Martin Burger and Dominik Skrabal, asked me to do a short comic strip.



idea and concept: Martin Burger, Dominik Skrabal















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Coverillustration für „Exil der gefallenen Götter“


In einer Nacht- und Nebelaktion habe ich ein Buchcover für den Science-Fiction-Fantasy-Crossover-Roman Exil der gefallenen Götter illustriert. Der aufstrebende Nachwuchsautor Krisha Klein nimmt mit dem Epos am Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award 2015 teil.

Bitte unbedingt reinlesen und bewerten – es lohnt sich.























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New Storyboard Samples Online


Hi folks – serial killustrator Nils Eckhardt did it again. Watch the outcome in the storyboard section…



Keyvisuals for „das integral“
















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Dungeon Stuff


Actually I do some concept designs for a game project of a few mates. The working title is Dark Dungeon and it already looks great. As they plan to build a couple of levels all in different styles there will be a lot of assets and characters to create…



tripod stone tree golem











































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Limited animation done in limited time


For some quiz shows of the german broadcast station Norddeutscher Rundfunk I produced numerous animation clips in the years 2007 to 2009.



With 35 to 45 seconds length each and a tight deadline, there was less than one and a half weeks to put one of them together, including character design, storyboard, animatic, animation, backgrounds, clean up, coloration and compositing.
You will notice some strange compositions with parts of the screen staying empty. They result from the way the clips were used in the „NDR Bibelquiz“ and „NDR Deutschlandquiz“: some prominents were inserted to my movies via green screen explaining the answers to the asked questions. The clips playing in the background told a little story or just supported the explanations visually.

The character design was big fun because I had to create loads of adaptions of famous historical and biblical people in a comic style, such as Jesus, Martin Luther (not King!), John the Baptist, Mary, Barbarossa, Karl Marx, Moses, the Devil, Brothers Grimm, Klaus Störtebecker, Alexander von Humboldt, Catherine the Great and others.

A nice project with quite a challenge in the planning process. I’d like to do more of those 😉

(Thanks to my team for the support at in betweening, digitising and coloration.)

Animation sequences of the showreel taken from the „NDR Bibelquiz“ and „NDR Deutschlandquiz“.
All rights reserved by Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Music track „Swinging Hammock“ taken from



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Gallic Swordsman


This is some actual rework of a character test I did a few years ago.


























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Rusty Knight Variations #8



Dusty Knight






















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Rusty Knight Variations #7



Crusty Knight






















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Rusty Knight Variations #6



Fusty Knight






















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Rusty Knight Variations #5



Trusty Knight






















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