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App Teaser Clip

These app teaser clips were part of a nice little project I did back in 2014. It was intended to tell a short story within four small clips as a teaser to announce the launch of an app.
Because the app never was published no one saw the clips so far. So, here they are put together as one. Enjoy.

App Teaser


Limited animation done in limited time

For some quiz shows of the german broadcast station Norddeutscher Rundfunk I produced numerous limited animation clips in the years 2007 to 2009.

Production process

With 35 to 45 seconds length each and a tight deadline, there was less than one and a half weeks to put one of them together. This included character design, storyboard, animatic, limited animation, backgrounds, clean up, coloration and compositing.

You will notice some strange compositions with parts of the screen staying empty. They result from the way the clips were used in the „NDR Bibelquiz“ and „NDR Deutschlandquiz“. Some prominents were inserted to my movies via green screen explaining the answers to the asked questions. The clips playing in the background told a little story or just supported the explanations visually.


Character Design

limited Animation      limited animation

The character design was big fun because I had to create loads of adaptions of famous historical and biblical people in a comic style, such as Jesus, Martin Luther (not King!), John the Baptist, Mary, Barbarossa, Karl Marx, Moses, the Devil, Brothers Grimm, Klaus Störtebecker, Alexander von Humboldt, Catherine the Great and others.

A nice project with quite a challenge in the planning process. I’d like to do more of those 😉

(Thanks to my team for the support at in betweening, digitising and coloration.)


Animation sequences of the showreel taken from the “NDR Bibelquiz” and “NDR Deutschlandquiz”.
All rights reserved by Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Music track “Swinging Hammock” taken from freesfx.co.uk

Animation Concept for “U-Bahn Impressionen”

Ten years ago, back in 2002, I made an animation concept for a short film which is dealing with some scenes in an underground station. Actually I thought all data of it was completely lost together with the hard drive which broke with my former computer.

So, you can imagine my excitement when recently I found some printed screenshots of it after all the time by chance. The background was a two-tone drypoint print and the characters were animated with a kind of digital cut-out-animation in an ancient software called Moho (which got advanced to Anime Studio later).

Animation Concept

Animation Concept

Animation Concept

Animation Concept

The Artists Workshop behind door 13

… is not the title of the latest movie I was storyboarding for. But this door 13 leads to my artists workshop. I’m in there since the beginning of the year, when I was moving down two floors in a complex of buildings called “Fruchthof”. In fact, it is an old fruit market.

The rooms of my new studio are quite big, the colleagues around me are supernice, as is the hood and finally I have enough space to place all my artbooks in range. And I got my own doorplate. Gosh! Altogether it’s really cool to work there.

Have a look at it:

artists workshop

Watch out for the silver surfer, always having an eye on me while I’m working.


artists workshop

Door 13…


artists workshop

Animationboard for ProSieben Superheroes

For the current ProSieben Superheroes Campaign I did the animationboards.

The Superheroes clips were directed by Alexander Krause, executive production company of the spots is TRIXTER and marvelous Alexander Lozano did the great character design.

ProSieben Superheroes

ProSieben Superheroes


You can watch all spots on the ProSieben-Homepage or a montage on Vimeo.

There is a spot with Lenny Kravitz, one with Stefan Raab and Steven Gätjen, Annemarie Warnkross got her own and one with Stefan Gödde and Lena Gercke.