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News: Neuigkeiten, aktuelle Projekte und Veröffentlichungen von Illustrator (IO) Nils Eckhardt

Monstrous Pirate Wall Tattoo

Merry Christmas!
Santa brought a huge colourful wall tattoo for my nephew. The 100 inch wide tripartite wall sticker tells an old pirate story about treasures, sea monsters (friendly ones, of course!) and great adventures on open sea. Yo ho ho…

pirate wall tattoo


App Teaser Clip

These app teaser clips were part of a nice little project I did back in 2014. It was intended to tell a short story within four small clips as a teaser to announce the launch of an app.
Because the app never was published no one saw the clips so far. So, here they are put together as one. Enjoy.

App Teaser