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Monstrous Pirate Wall Tattoo

Merry Christmas!
Santa brought a huge colourful wall tattoo for my nephew. The 100 inch wide tripartite wall sticker tells an old pirate story about treasures, sea monsters (friendly ones, of course!) and great adventures on open sea. Yo ho ho…

pirate wall tattoo


Conceptual Designs Dungeon Stuff

Actually I do some conceptual designs for a game project of a few mates. The working title is Dark Dungeon (edit: now called Cryptarium) and it already looks great. As they plan to build a couple of levels all in different styles there will be a lot of assets and creatures to create…

Conceptual Designs for Dark Dungeon

tripod stone tree golem


Conceptual Designs for Dark Dungeon

Conceptual Designs for Dark Dungeon

Conceptual Designs for Dark Dungeon

Soccer Kids 2014

Next thursday the Soccer World Cup 2014 starts in Brazil. Originally I planned to create one character as part of the “Soccer Kids Team” for every single participating nation already weeks ago (which would have been 32 illustrations all in all) and sell them to the highest bidder… 😉

Because of my time consuming supervising job I do for Caligari right now, I actually managed to draw only the little deer below, representing Germany. But maybe I can do some more during the championship, which lasts a month after all. Let’s see how far I can get.

Soccer Kids